First pilot event – Paris


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During our last COPIL in September 2023, our partners were able to observe our Parisian Diversity Race.

As a reminder, the Diversity Race is a race which takes place in September and October, for a dynamic and sporting return to company.

Run or walk solo or in pairs for 3 km or 6 km!

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Diversity Race share a base of common values: social cohesion, solidarity, equal opportunities and conviviality. The race, open to all, embodies the values ​​of diversity in business with 3 duo classifications: disability, diversity and intergenerational.

This year the race took place at CIPALE where 200 participants competed.

During this day, they were able to observe the place, the stands, how the FFSE was organized, they were even able to run or walk depending on their preference in order to completely immerse themselves in this event which they will be able to adapt in their countries.

The day after this day, a debriefing of the race followed, we were able to discuss this subject and thus share our remarks, our ideas adapted to the project and the different countries.

It was extremely interesting to know the different policies of each country. It was a very enriching moment of sharing.

We invite you to stay connected for our next races! 

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